• Syria to US: Don't repeat 'fiasco in Iraq' with attacks against ISIS
    (CNN) -- The United States is doing what it must to "take the fight to terrorists," leading a coalition of Arab nations in a series of airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State terror group in Syria, U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday. At the same time, the ...

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  • Al-Qaeda Khorasan cell in Syria attack 'was imminent'
    The US says some of its air strikes in Syria aimed to disrupt an imminent attack on the West by al-Qaeda veterans from the so-called Khorasan group. The raids in Aleppo province came hours after the US, backed by Arab allies, launched the first air strikes ...

    BBC News ・ 7 jam lalu

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  • 'Sustained campaign' against ISIS poses complex challenges for military ...
    The launch of U.S. airstrikes in Syria marks the beginning of what military officials are calling a "sustained campaign" against the Islamic State -- a new war in the Middle East that immediately poses complex challenges for the Obama administration and ...

    Fox News ・ 3 jam lalu

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  • Israel Says It Shot Down Syrian Fighter Jet
    Smoke rises following explosions in Syria near the border with the Israeli occupied Golan Heights September 23, 2014. Israel shot down a Syrian warplane on Tuesday, saying the aircraft crossed the battle lines of Syria's civil war and flew over the Israeli-held ...

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  • Ilham Tohti: Why Chinese court gave life sentence to Muslim Uighur scholar
    Ilham Tohti: A moderate advocate for China's ethnic Uighur population was sentenced Tuesday, underscoring the degree to which Beijing is willing to crackdown on the group after multiple attacks this year.

    Christian Science Monitor ・ 4 jam lalu

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  • Wife to ISIS: Hostage Alan Henning was helping Muslims, so why kill him?
    (CNN) -- The wife of Alan Henning -- a British aid worker whose life has been threatened by ISIS -- pleaded Tuesday with his ISIS captors to release him, saying he'd gone to Syria to "help his Muslim friends" and doesn't deserve to die. In a message released ...

    CNN ・ 2 jam lalu

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  • Zoo staff had 10 minutes to rescue Maqsood
    NEW DELHI: Could prompt intervention by zoo officials have saved Maqsood's life? Eyewitnesses TOI spoke to said he sat frightened inside the moat for about 10 minutes before Vijay, the tiger, attacked him. While Praveen, a guard, called his seniors on the ...

    Times of India ・ 37 menit lalu

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  • A thousand letters of street children ask Pope Francis to visit them
    A thousand letters from street children, to be delivered by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, will ask Pope Francis to see them when he visits the Philippines in January. The Manila Archdiocese said the children wrote the Pope and also took part ...

    GMA News ・ 15 menit lalu

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