• Hamas and Fatah unveil Palestinian reconciliation deal
    Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have announced a reconciliation deal, saying they will seek to form a unity government in the coming weeks. Hamas and Fatah split violently in 2007. Previous reconciliation agreements have never been ...

    BBC News ・ Kemarin

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  • Russia Warns Ukraine as 'Antiterror' Operation Resumes
    Pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine say they aren't taking acting President Turchynov's threats seriously. They continue to occupy government buildings despite yesterday's order for security forces to resume antiterrorist operations in the region.

    Wall Street Journal ・ Kemarin

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  • Obama's Japan visit kicks off with dreams of sushi
    Tokyo's sushi restaurants have been the setting for countless business deals. But for two special guests at Sukiyabashi Jiro on Wednesday evening, mouthfuls of melt-in-the-mouth tuna, squid, and octopus were the culinary backdrop to discussing urgent ...

    Christian Science Monitor ・ 38 menit lalu

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  • Threats of violence prompt Everest climbers to cancel
    Climbers are canceling their trips up to the peak of Mount Everest amid growing tension and threats of violence between Sherpa guides. After an an avalanche last week that killed 16 guides on the mountain, dozens of Sherpas are refusing to climb -- or let ...

    USA TODAY ・ 48 menit lalu

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  • Malaysia Airlines MH370: objects washed ashore 'not yet verified' as coming ...
    Authorities are investigating “interesting” metallic objects which washed ashore in Australia to determine if they are from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Police in Western Australia secured the material, which apparently included sheet metal with rivets on ...

    Telegraph.co.uk ・ 20 menit lalu

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  • S. Korea Ferry Death Toll at 150, Search for Victims Enters Second Week
    The confirmed death toll from the South Korean ferry disaster climbed to 150 Wednesday, one week after the passenger boat capsized off the country's southwest coast. Divers are slowly working their way through the third and fourth floors of the Sewol ferry.

    Voice of America ・ 49 menit lalu

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  • Brazil's Rousseff praises US for relaxing grip on Internet
    SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff praised the United States on Wednesday for its decision to ease control over the Internet and called for a more democratic, transparent network following the U.S. National Security Agency spying ...

    Reuters ・ 26 menit lalu

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  • UN should have done more to prevent South Sudan massacre: Uganda
    KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda's army, backing its neighbor South Sudan against a four-month-old rebellion, said on Wednesday U.N. peacekeepers should have done more to stop insurgents slaughtering hundreds of civilians there last week. Uganda sent ...

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