• Was T. Rex actually pink and covered in feathers?
    Imagine you're walking through the jungle, back in the age of the dinosaurs. You come to a clearing and you see your favorite — a tyrannosaurus or a triceratops or whatever — and, wait a minute. It's covered in feathers? A new find in Siberia raises the ...

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  • Apple's next patent war? Bose slaps Beats with a lawsuit
    Fighting patent trolls. Perk up! Stimulating patent troll legislation brewing in Congress · FTC loses patience with patent trolls. Even if public sympathy (or interest) in patent battles is waning, the infringement suits just seem to keep coming. The latest one could ...

    ZDNet ・ 31 menit lalu

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  • Oracle's new in-memory database option could spark unanticipated costs, expert ...
    Oracle database shops that have or are planning to download the latest version of 12c take warning: The vendor's newly launched, much-hyped in-memory processing database option is turned on by default, according to one expert. The in-memory option ...

    PCWorld ・ 54 menit lalu

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  • Time to be afraid - preparing for the next big solar storm: Kemp
    LONDON (Reuters) - The probability of a solar storm striking Earth in the next decade with enough force to do serious damage to electricity networks could be as high as 12 percent, according to solar scientists. One such storm erupted from the surface of the ...

    Reuters ・ Kemarin

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  • Facebook and Uber Talk Integration
    It appears as though Mark Zuckerberg is using Asia for inspiration for the Facebook Messenger platform. One idea that is floating around is integration with Uber, which he feels will benefit organizations and users. If this goes through the Messenger app will ...

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  • Amazon Fire Phone Now at AT&T, Gets Teardown
    On Friday, AT&T announced that Amazon's new Fire Phone is now available through Amazon here, through AT&T's online store here, and at AT&T retail stores nationwide. The 32 GB model can be purchased for $199 with a two-year contract, or $27.09 per ...

    Tom's Hardware Guide ・ 20 menit lalu

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  • Apple strongly denies stuffing iPhones and iPads with NSA backdoors
    Apple has vociferously denied writing surveillance backdoors into iOS, the operating system used on the iPhone and iPad range of devices. The Cupertino CA-based company released a strongly-worded statement denying any collusion with the spying ...

    ITProPortal ・ 2 days ago

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  • Nadella really meant it when he said Microsoft is platform agnostic
    These are the latest examples of Microsoft delivering apps across devices, even those from competitors. Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, he's talked often about rolling out Microsoft products to non-Windows devices. "We are clear that our ...

    CITEworld ・ Kemarin

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