• Astronauts getting 3-D printer at International Space Station
    NASA is sending a 3-D printer to the International Space Station in hopes that astronauts will be able to one day fix their spacecraft by cranking out spare parts on the spot. ADVERTISEMENT. ADVERTISEMENT. The printer, made by a Northern California ...

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  • Monster galaxies gain weight by eating smaller neighbors
    (Nanowerk News) Massive galaxies in the Universe have stopped making their own stars and are instead snacking on nearby galaxies, according to research by Australian scientists. Astronomers looked at more than 22,000 galaxies and found that while ...

    Nanowerk ・ Kemarin

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  • iOS 8 Update for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5: Problems on the Way
    Ever since the iO8 rolled out for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, people have downloaded it as quickly as possible. Obviously, it is one of the biggest updates to date. Every Apple user wants to experience what it feels like using the new operating system (OS) ...

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  • Oculus Makes Rift DK1 Open Source
    The first surprise of the Oculus Connect virtual reality (VR) developer conference in Hollywood, California has been revealed. Earlier today event host Oculus VR announced that the first development kit (DK1) of its Oculus Rift head-mounted mounted display ...

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  • Gold IPhones at $3600 as China Delay Fuels Black Market
    Liu Min stands a few feet from an Apple Inc. (AAPL) store in Beijing hawking something that can't be bought inside: the new iPhone 6. While the device debuted today in the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, there is no release date set for the world's ...

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  • Apple Faithful Line Up For iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
    Apple Inc's latest phone lured throngs of gadget lovers, entrepreneurs and early adopters to its stores in New York, San Francisco and other cities around the world in the latest sign of strong initial demand for the new, larger generation of iPhones. Even the ...

    NDTV ・ 1 jam lalu

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  • Apple Pay stirs interest in companies; merchant numbers growing steadily
    Apple's new Apple Pay, a new NFC-based mobile payment service which allows users to pay using the iPhone 6 has generated an interest in several companies and are rushing to sign up with the company for the payment feature. apple-building-night.

    The Next Digit ・ 22 menit lalu

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  • Watch out: eBay vulnerability leads to phishing log-in page
    Thinking about picking up a used iPhone on eBay? Shop carefully, friends: it's apparently phishing season. The BBC is reporting some auction listings are redirecting to counterfeit eBay login pages -- fronts for phishing scams designed to steal customer ...

    Engadget ・ 9 jam lalu

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