• SpaceX Dragon On Its Way to the ISS
    SpaceX on Friday successfully launched a Dragon capsule loaded with supplies for the International Space Station, the private firm's third official cargo run to the ISS. 0shares. SpaceX CR3 Launch/Credit: SpaceX. SpaceX on Friday successfully launched a ...

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  • App and Browser Plugin Check for Heartbleed
    Most major websites have patched the gaping security hole called the Heartbleed bug, which at one point affected up to two thirds of the Internet. However, there are still some stragglers. A new free browser plugin and Android app from cloud security ...

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  • Get Alerts From Google Trends in Your Inbox
    When people start searching for the same thing en masse, Google can now send you an email about it. 0shares. Google Trends Email. If you're the kind of person who likes having breaking news at your fingertips, but can't always check the various news apps ...

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  • Scientists say Earth-sized planet could sustain life
    MENOMONIE, Wis (WEAU)-- The possibility of life on an Earth-sized planet has astronomers buzzing. NASA announced Friday that it found an Earth-like plant in a solar system 500 light-years away. “We only have one data point and that is the Earth at the ...

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  • Zoologger: Gender-bending cave insects found in Brazil
    Some animals defy convention. There are creatures out there that don't have stomachs, or urinate through their mouths or eat through their bottoms. If you have a cherished assumption about what life has to be like, odds are nature has thrown up something ...

    New Scientist ・ 2 days ago

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  • Telerik frees HTML5 collection of components
    The Kendo UI Core is a collection of user interface widgets and framework features, built from JavaScript and HTML5. The collection includes all the features available in its commercial Kendo UI Mobile package. Telerik created the collection to accompany its ...

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  • Facebook tackles top Paper requests in update to iOS app
    Those using Facebook Paper on their iPhones are getting a drastically different Facebook experience from everyone else - and it just got better. Facebook Paper update 1.1 just hit the app store, bringing what Facebook said in a Paper blog post are the most ...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S(R) 5 Hits MetroPCS Stores, Available Online
    MetroPCS, a flagship brand operated by T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS), today announced the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S(R) 5 at its retail stores across the nation and on MetroPCS.com. Now customers can have the latest Samsung Galaxy device with ...

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