• With extra-long arms, Deinocheirus mirificus was one weird dinosaur
    Just in time for Halloween, an international team of researchers has unearthed fossils with seemingly mismatched body parts: A beaked, humpbacked, ostrich-like dinosaur with incredibly long arms and a wide-ranging appetite. The Frankenstein's dinosaur is ...

    Los Angeles Times ・ 4 jam lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • Microsoft officially replaces Nokia brand with Lumia [Mint, New Delhi :: ]
    Oct. 22--NEW DELHI -- The Nokia phone brand took another step towards the grave on Tuesday, with Microsoft Corp ., its new master, attaching its name to the Lumia range of smartphones, starting in France. A message on the Facebook page of Nokia Lumia ...

    Businessweek ・ Kemarin

    Daftar Kosakata
  • Gmail's New App 'Inbox' Is Your Personal Email Assistant
    Look, email is awful. It's a mess. It's overwhelming. It's a shame spiral of things you should do, replies you should send, meetings you should attend and memos you should read all commingled with flight information, daily deals, newsletters, purchase ...

    Wired ・ 13 jam lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • UNBOXED: The iPad Air 2 (AAPL)
    Apple's new iPad, the iPad Air 2, launches this week. It's very similar to last year's iPad Air, but it's slightly thinner, lighter, and faster. It also has a better camera and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, just like on the iPhone. We'll have a full review of the iPad Air 2 ...

    seattlepi.com ・ 5 jam lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • ​Zuckerberg delights audience in Beijing with Mandarin prowess
    The Facebook founder and CEO speaks for 30 minutes in Mandarin at a question and answer session and talks about his company's plans to engage its largest untapped market. by Francis Bea · @francisybea; 23 October 2014 6:27 am BST. comments. 0.

    CNET ・ 24 menit lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • Here come the pay phones
    For the past week or so, I've been getting dirty looks in the checkout line as I fumble through my pockets. How should I pay for my purchases? With my iPhone 5S? My iPhone 6? Or maybe my Android, the HTC One? This is no ordinary shopping spree. This is ...

    Boston Globe ・ 11 jam lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • Early Apple computer fetches close to $1m at auction
    A vintage Apple computer, one of only 50 made in Steve Jobs' garage in 1976, sold for $US905,000 ($A979,172) at auction on Wednesday. Bonhams auction house said the winning bid, which includes its premium, came from The Henry Ford museum and ...

    Sydney Morning Herald ・ 47 menit lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
  • Can Twitter killed off the password? social network reveals new system to sign in ...
    It is a problem we've all had - trying to remember the password for your favourite app or website. Now, Twitter claims it has a solution - your phone number. Today it launched digits, a new system allowing people to log into apps with a phone number.

    Daily Mail ・ 6 jam lalu

    Daftar Kosakata
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