• Google executive sets new stratosphere skydive world record
    Oct 25 (Reuters) - A skydiving Google executive is safely back on Earth after jumping out of a giant balloon floating in the stratosphere more than 25 miles (40 km) above New Mexico, a feat that broke the sound barrier and shattered a world altitude record.

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  • 6 Reasons Travelers Are Upgrading to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
    My husband just purchased an iPhone 6 Plus in anticipation of a long trip next month, and I'm pondering whether to get that version, or the slightly smaller iPhone 6. For the past couple of weeks, I've been writing down questions, and talking with my friendly ...

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  • US car safety regulators face review over safety lapses
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Transportation Department will conduct an internal review of U.S. auto safety regulators in response to a series of safety lapses, including this week's reports of defective air bags, a senior administration official said on Saturday.

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  • Which iPad Should I Buy?
    If you've narrowed your tablet search down to the iPad lineup, we'll help you decide which Apple tablet will fit your needs best. 0shares. Name, Apple iPad Air 2 · Apple iPad Air · Apple iPad mini 3 · Apple iPad mini With Retina Display · Apple iPad mini (Wi-Fi).

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  • Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'
    Rotten eggs, horse urine, formaldehyde, bitter almonds, alcohol, vinegar and a hint of sweet ether. By The Associated Press. Related. Comet came really close to Mars Sunday · Spacecraft to attempt comet landing next month. Reader Comments. Read all ...

    The Seattle Times ・ 2 days ago

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  • FCC postpones wireless spectrum auction until 2016 due to pending court ...
    The Federal Communications Commission has postponed an auction that would allow television broadcasters to sell a portion of their spectrum to wireless carriers due to ongoing legal issues surrounding the auction. Earlier this summer, the National ...

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  • Robert Scott Expedition Team's 100-year Old Notebook Found Trapped in ...
    Robert Scott, a British explorer who died with his companions due to starvation, exhaustion and the awfully cold weather on his 2nd expedition to the Antarctic. However, after 100 years of his death, a relic from his ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-1913 ...

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  • SpaceX Dragon capsule splashes down in Pacific Ocean
    (Reuters) - A Space Exploration Technologies Dragon cargo ship ended a monthlong stay at the International Space Station on Saturday and splashed down on schedule in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico. Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore, astronauts with ...

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