• Sen. Kirsten Gilllibrand: Male colleague called me "porky"
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is pulling back the curtain on some insulting, sexist encounters with male colleagues during her seven-plus years on Capitol Hill in a new memoir, according to the New York Post. "Good thing you're working out, because you ...

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  • Obama reportedly plotting end-run around Congress on global climate change ...
    President Obama reportedly plans to do an end-run around Congress to forge an international climate change deal, effectively bypassing the Constitution's requirement to get the Senate's approval for a treaty. The New York Times reported that the agreement ...

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  • UPDATE 1-Gay marriage advocates ask top US court to strike down state bans
    (Adds court papers filed). By Lawrence Hurley. WASHINGTON Aug 27 (Reuters) - In a bold legal move, gay marriage advocates are urging the U.S. Supreme Court in three pending cases to decide once and for all whether states can ban same-sex unions.

    Reuters ・ 19 menit lalu

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  • Wisconsin race for governor is the tightest in the country
    Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the Republican National Committee summer meetings in Chicago. Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the Republican National Committee summer meetings in Chicago. (Kamil Krzaczynski ...

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  • GOP ads full of hypocrisy, rely on gullibility
    CHARLESTON – Well, the 2014 general election campaign is in full swing and the ads are flying. It only takes about a week to get your fill of them. Tim Bailey This year's run of Republican ads is full of little thought or imagination. The negative ads by ...

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  • Alaska Voters Reject Repeal of 2013 Petroleum Tax
    Alaska voters have retained a new petroleum production tax system that offers hope of increased investment and jobs but drew criticism as a giveaway to already profitable oil companies. The state Division of Elections counted 17,721 absentee and early ...

    ABC News ・ 3 jam lalu

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  • Immigration Judges Want to Break Free from the Justice Department
    Judges warn of retirement 'tsunami' if changes aren't made, cite record backlog amid border crisis. READ MORE · LATEST NEWS · Will Republicans Shut Down the Government Again?4:02 PM ET; Uber's War on Lyft Could Prompt Federal Investigation3:35 ...

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  • At Koch Retreat, Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network For Their ...
    WASHINGTON -- Three top Republican Senate candidates heaped praise on the political network built by the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch during a secretive conference held by the brothers this past summer, according to audio of the ...

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