• Dueling rulings: Courts split on health law clash
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's health care law is snarled in another big legal battle, with two federal appeals courts issuing contradictory rulings on a key financing issue within hours of each other Tuesday. But the split rulings don't ...

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  • House, Senate chart separate courses on border
    In this July 12, 2014, photo, Central American migrants ride a freight train during their journey toward the U.S.-Mexico border in Ixtepec, Mexico. The last time so few people were arrested at the country's borders was 1973, when the Border Patrol recorded just ...

    Boston Herald ・ 5 jam lalu

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  • Sarah Palin explains her speeding ticket
    Even Sarah Palin isn't above the law in Wasilla, Alaska. The former Alaska governor and city mayor was given a speeding ticket in her hometown last Wednesday for driving 63 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, according to TMZ. Her justification? Continue ...

    Politico ・ 2 jam lalu

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  • Fake applicants finding it easy to sign up for ObamaCare, investigators say
    Investigators from the Government Accountability Office have been able to register fake applicants with fictitious identifying documents for health plans and federal subsidies through ObamaCare, according to a published report. The Washington Post reports ...

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  • White House revises contraception opt out
    The Obama administration announced revisions to the Obamacare contraception mandate so that nonprofit religious organizations can opt out of signing a release form to avoid covering birth control and workers for those nonprofits are able to obtain separate ...

    KPRC Houston ・ 5 jam lalu

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  • White House: Health Subsidies Not Halted By Ruling
    (WASHINGTON, DC) - The White House says health subsidies under the Affordable Care Act will continue to flow for the time being despite a major setback delivered by a federal appeals court. The federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that individuals cannot ...

    WBIW.com ・ 21 menit lalu

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  • San Antonio makes history as it names black woman mayor
    SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - San Antonio's city council elected Ivy Taylor the new mayor of the seventh most populous U.S. city, making the Yale graduate the first African American to hold the post. Taylor, 44, a housing executive in San Antonio before being ...

    Chicago Tribune ・ 15 jam lalu

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  • The politics of pensions = annoyance
    Gov. Corbett is in week two of a race around the state - scheduled in Trevose, Bucks County, today; Dresher, Montco, tomorrow - browbeating the Legislature for not passing pension "reform." Everywhere he goes he cites "a pension crisis" causing property ...

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